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November 28th, 2016
AAL — Second Italian Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Ambient Assisted Living
Organizers: Stefania Bandini, Gabriella Cortellessa and Filippo PalumboThe second edition of the AI* workshop aims to establish a stable forum collecting knowledge, experiences and trends showing how Artificial Intelligence (AI) could add value to the promotion of a new generation of innovative support systems in Ambient Assisted Living domains.More details at:

AIRO –Third Italian Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
Organizers: Alberto Finzi, Alessandro Farinelli, and Fulvio Mastrogiovanni

The goal of AIRO 2016 is to foster the discussion about the use of Artificial Intelligence methods to design intelligent robots. AIRO 2016 is part of an on-going effort to consolidate the Italian community working on various aspects of the intersection between AI and Robotics

More details at:

AI*CH — Tenth Italian Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Cultural Heritage
Organizers: Luciana Bordoni, Francesco Mele and Antonio Sorgente

The workshop wants to create opportunities to discussion and debate about AI and CH area for promoting increasingly active collaboration between them. It will be a multi-disciplinary meeting point where the aspects of AI will be analyzed to improve the valorisation, conservation and promotion of thecultural assets.
More details at: — Fifth Italian Workshop on Machine Learning and Data Mining

Organizers: Alessio Micheli, Claudio Gallicchio

The workshop aims at bringing together researchers actively involved in the fields of machine learning, data mining, deep learning, pattern recognition, and knowledge discovery.
More details at:

RCRA — Twentythird RCRA International Workshop on Experimental Evaluation of Algorithms for Solving Problems with Combinatorial Explosion
Organizers: Stefano Bistarelli Andrea Formisano, and Marco Maratea

Many problems in Artificial Intelligence show an exponential explosion of the search space. RCRA fosters the cross-fertilization of ideas stemming from different areas to face such challenging problems by proposing benchmarks and comparing models, approaches and algorithms from an experimental viewpoint.
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URANIA — First Italian Workshop on Deep Understanding and Reasoning: A challenge for Next-generation Intelligent Agents
Organizers: Paola Mello, Michela Milano, and Federico Chesani

The workshop aims to foster a discussion on the structure, design and implementation of intelligent, autonomous agents that starting from a (possibly multi-modal) problem description will deeply understand the problem, devise a suitable model and reasoning technique and find a solution without human intervention.
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